Fantasy Live Picks for Charlotte


My Fantasy Live picks are hitting on all cylinders this year. My picks are now ranked 87th overall and beating 99.99% of the entries. I am not holding back this week. I will continue to use some of my best drivers and try to move into the top 50 at the end of the race Sunday night.

* Garage Driver: Fantasy players can put a driver (Garage Driver) into their lineup at any time before the end of Stage 2. You will lose the Stage points from the driver you take out of your lineup though. I only plan to make a change if one of my driver crashes and that is likely to happen this week. If I make a change I will post a message on my Twitter account: @MrFantasyNASCAR

NASCAR really has this game screwed up this season. There are 4 Stages in the race Sunday night but I was told there will only be 2 Stages  scored in the Fantasy Live game. Also our Garage pick needs to be selected before the end of Stage 3. I was really hoping we would get an extra Stage to score some additional bonus points this week but it looks like that will not be the case.


Here are my picks for the Charlotte…

Driver 1: Kyle Busch (5)

Driver 2: Martin Truex Jr. (6)

Driver 3: Kyle Larson (6)

Driver 4: Denny Hamlin (6)

Driver 5: Erik Jones (8)

Garage Driver: Kevin Harvick (3)


STAGE 1 WINNER: Kyle Busch

STAGE 2 WINNER: Kyle Busch

PICK TO WIN: Kevin Harvick



Good luck this week!

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