Introducing the 2023 Driver Group Game


The 2023 version of the Driver Group Game is now open. This game is similar to what the old Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing game was (if you are new to the Driver Group Game). Each year Darren (the owner of the Driver Group Game) tries to make improvements to enhance your Fantasy NASCAR experience. He did it again this year. New for 2022 is the Driver Group Game Xfinity Series game. Darren ran the Driver Group Game Truck Series game last year and it was a success. Now all three NASCAR Series will be available on the Driver Group Game website. The Xfinity and Truck Series will be played the same way as the Cup Series game. The game can be found at (Driver Group Game).

All fantasy players from the 2022 season will be placed into the leagues they were in last year. You will be able to join a new league by using the tabs on the left (click “Join League” to be placed in a new league).

* I will post instructions to join my league once next week.

* If you would like to join my league, click here for instructions: Fantasy Racing Tips League


Your game… Your Rues! The Driver Group Game will have new default rules this season, but your league commissioner can setup the game however your league would like to play.


Commissioner Tools

Each league commissioner will have a lot more control over their Driver Group Game leagues this season. Commissioners will be able to change which drivers are in each group, change the scoring, change what races are used for the league and remove members from the league.

Customizable Groups will allow the commissioner to decide which drivers are in Group A, Group B and Group C. Commissioners will also be able to customized how many times each driver is used throughout the season. If you want less than the nine default starts, you can change it to eight or however many you want.

Customizable Scoring will allow the commissioner to change the scoring for their league. If you really liked the scoring system from the previous Driver Group Game or the Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing Game, you can remove the Stage Points and change the Qualifying Points to whatever you want for your league. You can also add the Lucky Dog (removes your lowest score for the season) if you choose to.

Customizable Races will let each Commissioner choose which races to use for their league. If your league started up late, you could start with the race at Auto Club, Phoenix or Las Vegas or any race you choose. If you want to have a regular season league and a playoff league, commissioners can choose to have their leagues end at the summer race at Daytona and have their playoffs start at Darlington. Commissioners can also have a league of all 1.5-mile tracks; all shorts tracks or whatever they want. It is in your hands.

* If you decide you want to go back to the default settings, the commissioner can simply click on the “Reset League” tab and your league will be put back to the Driver Group Game Default settings.


Default Rules

Each driver is placed in either: Group A, Group B or Group C. The default Driver Groups for the 2023 season are:

Each team can use a driver 9 TIMES during the season (for the default settings). Once you run out of allocations with the driver, he will not score any points for your team.

The Driver Group Game will award Qualifying Points as part of the default settings. Each team will select two drivers from Group A, four drivers from Group B and two drivers from Group C. Each team will earn qualifying points for all eight drivers. Only the drivers you have in your starting position will earn points for where they finish the race and where they finish in the Stages. You will only lose allocations from the drivers in your starting lineup.

The rest of the game is scored the same way it has been in the past.

For more information about the rules and different ways to set up your Driver Group Game leagues, visit the Rules Page.

* The picks I post on the website will be based on the Default Settings



Driver Group Game Xfinity Series

The Xfinity Series will be added to the Driver Group Game this year. The game will be scored similar to the way the Cup Series is scored. Here are the default groups for the Xfinity Series…

* Each Xfinity Series Driver can be used 9 TIMES throughout the season



Driver Group Game Truck Series

The Truck Series will be once again being included in the Driver Group Game this year. The game will be scored similar to the way the Cup Series is scored but the allocations in the Truck Series are reduced because there are fewer races in the Truck Series. Here are the default groups for the Truck Series…

* Each Trucker from Groups A & B can be used 6 TIMES and Group C truckers can be used 5 TIMES throughout the season



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