Introducing the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest (Replaces Fox Fantasy Auto Racing)


The 2018 Fantasy NASCAR season will be a lot different from what we have seen in the past. Two of the most popular games (Fox Fantasy Auto Racing and Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing) decided not to offer their fantasy games for the upcoming season. This left most people in the Fantasy NASCAR community in shock.

Have no fear fantasy players; there is a new game for you. decided to step up and create a replacement for the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game. The game will be called the “SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest”. It was created by Jordan McAbee (@FanRacingOnline) from Fantasy Racing Online.

The game will have similar rules as the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game had in the past, so if you enjoyed playing the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game, you should love the new SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest.


Building Your Team

Fantasy players will select 5 drivers for their team. Each driver will have a price. You must build your team of 5 drivers while staying under the $50K salary cap. This is the same as the roster construction in the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game.

You may use a driver as many times as you like throughout the season and you can switch your drivers in and out of your lineup at any time before the roster lock period.


Finishing Position Points

Drivers will earn points based upon where the driver finishes in the race.

1st Place = 80 Points (The winning driver earns 20 bonus points)

2nd Place = 78 Points

3rd Place = 76 Points

4th Place = 74 Points

5th Place = 72 Points

… And each lower place driver earns 2 less points.

(It will be very important in the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest to select the winning driver. The 20 bonus points for winning the race will quickly send you to the top of your league standings)


Position Differential Points

The position differential points are what separates the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest from other games. Here is how the position differential points work…

Drivers earn 2 bonus points for every position they finish over their starting position. For example… If Kyle Busch qualifies 10th and wins the race he will earn 20 position differential points (He gained 10 positions in the race and earned 2 points for each position).

If a driver loses position from their starting spot, they lose 2 points for each position. For example… Kyle Busch starts 1st and finishes 10th he will lose 20 points (He lost 10 spots from his starting position and each spot lost is worth -2 points).

The key to scoring well in the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest is to select drivers who start in the back with the best chance to finish up front.

(Fox Fantasy Auto Racing awarded 1 bonus point for position differential. SlingShot Fantasy Auto Racing increased it to 2 bonus points and this is HUGE. The drivers who start the race in the top 10 will have little value in this game unless they can win the race.)


Lap Led Bonus Points

1 Point for Leading a Lap

5 Additional Points for Leading the Most Laps

(The Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game awarded 1 bonus point for leading the most laps. SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest raised it to 5 bonus points. Fantasy players will not have to worry about selecting the drivers who lead the most laps in the race. The SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest does not award enough bonus points to make the laps led a game changer for your team (Just like Fox Fantasy Auto Racing did not focus on laps led). It will be more important to select drivers who score position differential points)


Private Leagues

You will be able to create a private league or join a public league for free. Be sure to create your league and come back to to get the advice to win your league.


Our Endorsement gives the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest our full endorsement. I have been in contact with Jordan and I think what he did with the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest is fabulous and it fills a HUGE void left by the departure of the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing Game. will be providing our picks for the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest and will continue to be the best source for Fantasy NASCAR advice to our fans.

We encourage you to sign up for the SlingShot Fantasy Auto Contest and come back to to get the advice to beat your competition in the 2018 season.

There will be a FantasyRacingTips Private League soon. The details for joining the league will be posted in the Members Forum on this website. Stay tuned for more information.


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