Where to Play Fantasy NASCAR in 2018


Just when Fantasy NASCAR was starting to take off, some of the major players in the industry decided to end their games. Yahoo announced in December that they will no longer offer their Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing game. Fox Sports announced in October that they “did not plan” to bring back the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game in 2018. I was informed earlier this week by my former boss at Fox Sports that they did decide to scrap their Fantasy Auto Racing game for the upcoming season.

This does not mean the end of Fantasy NASCAR is here. When other companies get out, others plan to fill the void. Just remember that FantasyRacingTips.com is the best source for Fantasy NASCAR information and the only website that will provide picks for every game in 2018. So where will these games be? Here are the best places to play Fantasy Auto Racing in 2018…



DraftKings is not for everyone. I know a lot of people just want to play Fantasy Auto Racing for fun. DraftKings is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) game where each week you join a contest. The contests range from 25 cents to $100 to enter. Each week you select a new team of drivers. Each driver has a salary based upon their skill on the track (The better the driver is, the higher his price is). You must select 6 drivers while staying under the salary cap.

The scoring is not too hard to figure out and FantasyRacingTips.com is here to help you if you decide to dip your toe into the DFS water in 2018. Our site has been playing DraftKings for years and have been very successful. If you used our picks at only the Superspeedways (Daytona and Talladega) last year, you would have doubled your money back from your $75 annual membership!!! You would have won a lot more if you used the picks at every track, so if you are new to DraftKings and want to try it out… let FantasyRacingTips.com help you.


Fantasy Live

Fantasy Live is our favorite game and the one we have had the most success at. The game is played on the nascar.com website. Each week you must select 5 drivers for your team while staying under the salary cap. The scoring can be complicated for beginners but FantasyRacingTips.com will be here to walk you through the game. Basically the game is scored just like the drivers are in real NASCAR. They receive points for where they finish each Stage and where they finish in the race. Bonus points are awarded for leading laps and fastest laps in the race. I know it sounds difficult, but it is the most fun once you figure it out.

There are 100’s of Thousands of people who play this game each year and FantasyRacingTips.com has finished in the top 400 (Top 99.9%) for three consecutive seasons. There is no one better in the business at providing picks for this game then FantasyRacingTips.com.


Streak 2 Finish

Streak to the Finish is one of the easiest games to play. The game is located on the nascar.com website under “Fantasy”. All you have to do each week is select a driver who you think will finish the race in the top 10. If your driver does finish in the top 10 you start a streak. Your streak continues until your driver finishes a race outside the top 10.

The cool thing about the Streak to the Finish game is that it is played with the Camping World Truck Series and Xfinity Series races. You “can” select drivers for the Truck Series and Xfinity Series if you want to. You can only select the drivers from the Cup Series if you want to and not get penalized for not making a selection for the other series.

This is a fun game to play and FantasyRacingTips.com will provide our picks for each race.



FanTrax has a Fantasy Auto Racing game. Members are able to create leagues with the friends and create their own scoring rules. Each driver has a salary and the players must select drivers for their team while staying under the salary cap. I have not played Fantasy Auto Racing at FanTrax for a couple of years but if there is enough interest in this game FantasyRacingTips.com will gladly provide picks for it.


NASCAR Pools Online

NASCAR Pools is a game that not too many people are familiar with. It is the easiest game if you simply want to set up a group for you and your friends. NASCAR Pools is a “One & Done” game. This means you select one driver for each race and you receive the points for where this driver finishes the race. The catch is that you can only use each driver once during the season (You can create a league where you can use a driver twice throughout the season). NASCAR Pools does all of the scoring and provides the results (League Standings) after each race.

FantasyRacingTips.com will provide picks for both the One & Done and the Pick a Driver Twice games.



FantasyRacingCheatSheet.com announced they are working on a game that will be in the same format as the Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing game. You can go to their website (FantasyRacingCheetSheet.com) to be notified when the game launches. Currently they are working on creating the game and placing the drivers into Group A, Group B and Group C. If they are able to pull this off it will be a great relief for the fantasy industry. FantasyRacingTips.com will provide picks for their game if it launches this year.



If you played the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game last year and you are looking for a replacement, FantasyRacingOnline.net may be your site. They are working on a game in the same format as the Fox Fantasy Auto Racing game. I know they provided some games last year but I did not play any of them. If FantasyRacingOnline.com launches there games in 2018, FantasyRacingTips.com will certainly provide picks for the game.


My Bookie

MyBookie.ag is a site that is not really a Fantasy Auto Racing site but it is a gambling site. Some of the followers of our website used it last year and it is a reliable site. You simply make a deposit and chose which driver you want to bet for each race. If you are interested in this site, let me know. FantasyRacingTips.com can work with them to get a promo code for you so that your first deposit will be matched.



I heard a rumor that FanDuel was looking to get into the NASCAR business. Actually I am surprised they have not done it already. Why should they let DraftKings have a monopoly on the DFS NASCAR industry? We should know in early February if FanDuel will launch DFS NASCAR. If they do, FantasyRacingTips.com will provide picks for the game.


FantasyNASCARTips.com will do our best to keep up on where the Fantasy Auto Racing industry is heading. Be sure to check out our Fantasy NASCAR Tips Facebook Page for more info.

Do not give up on Fantasy Auto Racing. There will be games available for everyone this season!


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