Fantasy Live Pole Pick for Bristol


Fantasy Live allows each team to try and predict the driver who will win the pole each week. You do not have to make a pick, but if you do and you are correct; your fantasy team will earn 5 bonus points. These points can add up and be the difference in a few positions in your league standings so we need to get them right this year.

Qualifying has been a disaster this season. It should be back to normal this week. The cars will be back to 750 horsepower and the draft will not be a factor. The drivers do not need to wait until the end of the round to make a lap. This is a good opportunity to score qualifying points.

Here is my pick for the Pole at Texas: Ryan Blaney

I am not going to over think it this week. Ryan Blaney had one of the fastest cars in both races at Bristol last year and he looks like he will be fast Friday evening. Blaney was .800 faster than any other car in practice. That is a huge gap in speed at this short track. If he can maintain this speed in qualifying, Blaney should easily win the pole.


Good Luck this week!!


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