Fantasy NASCAR Preview: #6 Brad Keselowski






2017 RECAP: Brad Keselowski had a good 2017 season despite constantly complaining about the Fords having an aerodynamic disadvantage over the competition. Keselowski ranked 7th in fantasy value. He won three races (Atlanta, Martinsville and Talladega) and he finished 21 races in the top 10. Keselowski was a good fantasy pick at every type of track. He ended the season with a 8.1 average finishing position in the 10 playoff races. Keselowski should carry that momentum into the 2018 season.


2018 Preview: Brad Keselowski is one of the most talented drivers in the sport and he works very well with crew chief Paul Wolfe. The No. 2 team is capable of winning races even when they do not have the fastest car because of their ability to think outside the box. They are very good at gaining track position through pit strategy. They may have to pull some more rabbits out of the hat in 2018 if Keselowski is right in his prediction that the Fords will have a significant aerodynamic advantage this season. I think he is making a bigger deal out of the aerodynamics between the manufacturers then what it really is. The No. 2 team will once again make multiple trips to Victory Lane in 2018.



Brad Keselowski is very good at the Intermediate tracks (1.5-mile and 2-mile ovals). Keselowski ranked 7th in fantasy value at these tracks in 2017. Keselowski is at his best early in the season at the Intermediate tracks. His three best tracks are Auto Club, Las Vegas and Atlanta. It would be a good idea to have Keselowski on your team at these tracks. It is no secret that winning at his home track in Michigan is at the top of his priority list. Keselowski had an off year at Michigan in 2017 (finished both races outside the the 10). This is still one of his best tracks. I expect him to bounce back in 2018 at Michigan.



Brad Keselowski can be considered the best driver in the sport at the Superspeedways (Daytona and Talladega) now that Dale Earnhardt Jr. retired. Keselowski has won four races at these two tracks in the last three years. He is much better at Talladega then his is at Daytona. I would make sure Keselowski is on your team in both races at Talladega. He is hit or miss at Daytona so it will probably be wise to fade him in the Great American Race.



Brad Keselowski was pretty good at the Flat tracks (Phoenix, Richmond, Martinsville and Loudon) in 2017. He was especially good in the spring. Keselowski won the spring race at Martinsville, finished 2nd at Richmond and finished 5th at Phoenix. He also finished both races at Loudon in the top 10. Keselowski ranked 5th in fantasy value at these tracks last year. The No. 2 car is a good pick for your fantasy team at any of the Flat tracks in 2018.



I would recommend fading Brad Keselowski at the Steep tracks (Bristol, Dover and Darlington) in 2018. Keselowski ranked 18th in fantasy value at these tracks last year. Bristol ranks as the worst track for Keselowski. He has not finished in the top 10 in Thunder Valley since 2015. Keselowski is not much better at Dover. He finished 38th and 10th in the two races at the Monster Mile last year. I would save Keselowski for other tracks.



Brad Keselowski has some fantasy value at the Road Courses (Sonoma and Watkins Glen). He is usually much better at Watkins Glen then he is at Sonoma. Keselowski has finished four of the last six races at Watkins Glen in the top three. Last year was the first time he has ever finished in the top 10 at Sonoma so maybe his experience at Watkins Glen is transferring to Sonoma. Keselowski should be at the top of your list of drivers at Watkins Glen. There probably are better choices for your team at Sonma.


Best Tracks to for Brad Keselowski: 1) Auto Club, 2) Las Vegas, 3) Atlanta, 4) Chicago, 5) Pocono



*Stats from and career stats from Racing-Reference.Info


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