Fantasy NASCAR Stats for Daytona


The more information you have the better your chances you will have at scoring well in your season-long league (Fantasy Live or Driver Group Game) or winning some cash in your DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) contests. This year I will be selecting the most important stats for each race and posting them on this website. This will give you an idea of which drivers have the advantage in the upcoming race.

Here are the stats you need to know for the Daytona 500…


Driver Rating at Daytona




* The only thing that matters at Daytona is where a driver finishes the race. Here are the driver’s average finishing position in the current aero package at Daytona



* Sorted by DraftKings Points



* Each driver is assigned a value from 1-40 (1 being best) for each stat category. The practice speeds and qualifying positions are assigned values to determine the predicted finishing position.


*Stats from NASCAR Media Website

** Photos from NASCAR Media Website


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