Fantasy NASCAR Stats for Homestead


Homestead is a unique racetrack. It is a 1.5-mile oval with variable banking. The track allows drivers to run the bottom, the middle or right up against the wall. The surface also wears out tires quickly, so it will be important for the drivers to search the track for the groove that works best for their car and to manage their tires over the long runs.

This week I focused on the last race at Homestead for my picks. The championship races at Homestead were unique because the four drivers competing for the championship received a lot of room on the track and were almost given a pass to run up front. This skewed the stats in their favor. That was not the case last year since the race was run in June.

Here are the stats you need to know for the Dixie Vodka 400…


Fastest Drivers Late in a Run

Fastest Drivers Late in a Run is my most important stat for the race this week. The drivers who can manage the tire falloff will be able to pass a lot of cars late in a run. The drivers at the top of this stat were the drivers who finished up front last year.



Driver Rating for Homestead

 Driver Rating is always a good stat to use because it incorporates a little bit of everything throughout the race and paints a picture of which drivers had the fast cars.



Green Flag Speed

This is a race, right? So we want the drivers who have the fastest car. Green Flag Speed adds up all of the driver’s fastest laps and then averages them out to show who had the fastest speed throughout the race.



*Stats from NASCAR Media Website

** Photos from NASCAR Media Website


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