Fantasy NASCAR Stats for Talladega


The NASCAR Cup Series will compete at the most unpredictable track on the schedule this week… Well, at least until the dirt race at Bristol was run. It takes some skill and a lot of luck to run well at Talladega. Some drivers are better than others at putting their car in position to finish the races at this track. You can pick a good Fantasy NASCAR lineup this week by drawing names out of a hat, but it is still good to know which drivers have a history of scoring Stage points and finishing up front at Talladega.

Here are the stats you need to know for the GEICO 500…


Driver Rating at Talladega (2019 – 2021)

 * This shows the drivers who usually lead the most laps, score the most Stage points and finish up front. It is not a bad idea to have some of the drivers in the top-10 on this list in your lineup Sunday.



Average Finishing Position at Talladega (2019 – 2021)

* Some drivers are better than others at finishing the races at Talladega. The drivers at the top of this list usually make it to the end of the races.



Laps Run in the Top-15 at Talladega  (2019 -2021)

* Many of the Fantasy NASCAR games award Stage points. In order for a driver to capture these points, they most run up front. This chart shows the drivers who like to run up front at Talladega and will have a good chance to finish in the top 10 in each Stage.



*Stats from NASCAR Media Website

** Photos from NASCAR Media Website


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