Fantasy Racing Tips Interview with Ty Dillon


It was media day for the NASCAR teams and I had the opportunity to talk with one of the top rookies for the 2017 season, Ty Dillon. Everyone seems to be handing Erik Jones or Daniel Suarez the Rookie of the Year trophy, but do not count out the driver of the No. 13 Germain Racing Chevy. He will have full support of Richard Childress and veteran crew chief Robert “Bootie” Barker on the pit box.

The reason I wants some time with Dillon is because he is one of the biggest fantasy sports players in NASCAR. He often appears on SiriusXM Fantasy Channel, so I wanted to ask him some questions as well.

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Chad Robb and Ty Dillon Interview

Chad: I heard that you are pretty big into fantasy sports and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about what games you play.

Ty Dillon: Yes sir, I play almost every night. It is something I really like to do.

Chad: What Fantasy Sports do you play?

Ty Dillon: I really like fantasy football, basketball, baseball, but I play pretty much all of them.

Chad: Does NASCAR prohibit you from playing Fantasy NASCAR?

Ty Dillon: Yeah, that is not allowed so I do not play it.

Chad: Do you play mostly DFS or season long games like Yahoo or ESPN games?

Ty Dillon: I usually just play the DFS games.

Chad: I know NASCAR takes up a lot of time. Do you do your own fantasy research for your teams or do you use websites to help build your teams.

Ty Dillon: I have a lot of buddies that are in the industry that help me out, but I usually use RotoGrinders and Fantasy Guru Elite to help build my teams mostly.

Chad: Have you been pretty successful in DFS?

Ty Dillon: Somewhat. I am getting better and better it seems every year. I am a lot better player than I was last year. I am finally starting to win more consistently.

Chad: What are your best tracks for Fantasy NASCAR players to select you at?

Ty Dillon: That is a good question. This is my rookie season, first time in the Cup Series so it is hard to say what tracks I will run well at. I am hoping that I run good at all of them. I am just trying to make the best of my rookie season.

Chad: Well, I have been telling people that they should not be surprised to see you win the Rookie of the Year trophy. Am I right?

Ty Dillon: Hey, thank you very much. I hope so. We are going to give it our best.

Chad: Good luck this week at the Daytona 500 and in your first season in the Cup Series.

Ty Dillon: Thank you


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