Streak to the Finish Picks for Kentucky


One of the easiest fantasy racing games to understand and play is the Streak to the Finish game. Players must select a driver who finishes in the top 10 in order to start a streak. Each race you pick a driver and as long as the driver finishes in the top 10 your streak continues. If your driver finishes outside the top 10, your streak ends and you must start a new streak. The game rewards the teams who can put together the longest streaks.

The rules for Fantasy Live do not require players to make a pick for each race. If you do not make a selection your Streak does not come to an end. The strategy of not selecting a driver always comes into play at restrictor-plate tracks because the race is so unpredictable. Last week I decided to mess with fire and I got burned.

I selected Joey Logano for the Xfinity Series race at Daytona and he finished 8th. This extended my Streak to 10 and gave my followers a free subscription to NASCAR Raceview for the race at Kentucky Saturday night.

I was not so lucky in the MENCS race. I selected Kevin Harvick and he was one of many drivers who were caught up in a crash. Harvick finished 33rd and my Streak ended.

This week I will try to start a new Streak at Kentucky. All three series compete in the Blue Grass State so this is a good opportunity to go into the race at New Hampshire with a three-race Streak.

My current Streak is at 0 and I have 31 points for the season.


Here are my picks for the Streak to the Finish for Kentucky…


Camping World Truck Series: Kyle Busch


Xfinity Series: Kyle Busch


MENCS: Kyle Busch

* I am picking Kyle Busch for all three series this week. He is by far the best pick for the Camping World Truck Series race and he is almost an automatic top-five finisher in the Xfinity Series Friday night. The extra track time this week should give him an advantage over the competition in the MENCS race Saturday night since the same tire compound will be used.


Good luck this week!


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