Fantasy Live Pole Pick for Auto Club


Fantasy Live allows each team to try and predict the driver who will win the pole each week. You do not have to make a pick, but if you do and you are correct; your fantasy team will earn 5 bonus points. These points can add up and be the difference in a few positions in your league standings so we need to get them right this year.

Last week we were able to pick the pole winner for our Fantasy Live lineups. It will not be so easy this week. The draft will be in play again at Auto Club Speedway. It will be similar to what we had at Las Vegas. It was crazy and I consider it “Must see TV.” We need to make sure we score the 5 bonus points for the pole winner at the short tracks because it will be like throwing darts at a board whenever the full aero package is in play.

Here is my pick for the Pole at Las Vegas: Jimmie Johnson

I know taking the fastest car in practice is the easy way out, but I have my reasons for taking the No. 48 car. Jimmie Johnson posted the fasted speed in single-car runs and that should be enough to get him to the final round of qualifying. Hendrick Motorsports did not win the pole at Las Vegas (the last race using this aero dynamic package), but they did post the fastest time. Alex Bowman and Chase Elliott qualified #1 and #2 but their laps accrued after the red / black flag was waived o end qualifying. Hendrick Motorsports has the same qualifying speed today, so I will take a chance with Johnson.

* Cars were running laps in qualifying trim at 179 MPH. The track record is 188.5 MPH, so the 550 HP engines have cut about 9 MPH from the lap speeds.


Good Luck this week!!


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