Letter From the Owner About Memberships


Dear FantasyRacingTips Monthly Subscribers,

As you probably know, the 2020 NASCAR season has been placed on hold. My No. 1 priority from the moment I entered this business has been to take care of my subscribers as best as I possibly can to ensure the best possible experience with the content I provide. Heck, I provide the picks for free for three years while I was writing for Fox Sports. To ease your minds, I want you to know that I understand there has been a disruption in the service you paid for. I am going to monitored the NASCAR schedule and be crediting your monthly memberships for each race that is missed. Currently NASCAR is scheduled to be postponed for two weeks. That means you will receive credit for two more races. If the schedule gets pushed back even further out, I will make the adjustments so you get what you paid for.

The current situation for NASCAR is fluid. It could be pushed back or it could resume in two weeks. To prevent having to update the memberships each week based on NASCAR’s decision to race or park the cars, I will wait until NASCAR announces when the races will resume for sure. I will then update each membership. You should receive an email stating that your membership has been extended.

This change only applies to the monthly memberships. The annual members will still get picks and advice for the entire NASCAR season. If for some reason the 2020 season is canceled, I will readdress the issue.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. I am working hard during this time off to watch even more races and collect even more data so the picks will be even better than the hot start they are off to this season.



Chad Robb

Founder FantasyRacingTips.com