DFS Picks for WrestleMania 36


Each year I get excited for WrestleMania. It is like a second Christmas for me. This year I am not sure what to expect. I have been “trying” to watch Raw and SmackDown and I must admit, it is hard to watch without fans. I am hoping that the WWE can do something to come up with a half-way decent product this weekend. We all know it will not be as good as a regular WrestleMania, but if it resembles anything like Raw or SmackDown the past three weeks… they are in trouble.

DraftKings and FanDuel are having contests for WrestleMania 36. That should make the event a bit more interesting. Here are my picks for the two sites…


DraftKings WrestleMania Picks

1. What will be the first match of the historic two-night WrestleMania 36?

NXT Women’s Championship (They have to kick it off with a half-way decent match and Charlotte Flair will keep people interested)


2. How many times will Brock Lesnar suplex Drew McIntyre?

3-5 (This is just a guess, but it will definitely be more than 2 and 6 seems a bit too high)


3. Will any WWE Superstar incorporate a motor vehicle into their WrestleMania entrance?

Yes (The Performance Center in Orlando is not large enough to drive a vehicle to the ring, but I expect Becky Lynch to pull up in her “The Man Truck” to add some theatrics to the show.


4. How many times will an announcer table be broken?

3+ (Since this is a two-night event, it gives the WWE more time to replace broken announcer tables and they need something to add excitement to the show)


5. Will all 3 Women’s Championships successfully defend their Raw, SmackDown and NXT championships?

No. (This one is easy… I expect Charlotte Flair to win the NXT Championship and there is a good chance Bayley loses her title too)


6. Will “The Fiend” use the Mandible Claw on John Cena?

Yes. (I do not like “The Fiend” but it is payback time for Bray Wyatt from WrestleMania 31)


7. The outcome of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match will be determined by:

Pinfall (I expect Bayley and Sasha Banks to clean house and then The Boss to pin Bayley when she is not expecting it and win the title.)


8. Will Becky Lynch retain the Raw Women’s Championship?

Yes. (Becky Lynch is the biggest Superstar in the WWE. Shayna Bazzler would kill her in a real fight, but this is choreographed. Bazzler does not have the personality to carry the WWE so they need Lynch to retain her belt.


9. Will the number of matches determined by submission be over or under 2 1/2″?

Over. This is a two-night event so there are a lot of matches. Becky Lynch, The Fien and Daniel Bryan are three wrestlers I expect to win by submission.


10. How many spears will be performed in the Universal Championship match?

0-2 (If Roman Reigns was facing Goldberg I would gladly take 5-6, but Reigns is being replaced by Braun Strowman. I look for Strowman to win this match and take the belt from Goldberg)


Bonus Question: Rank the matches in the order they will occur:

  1. SmackDown Women’s Championship (Saturday)
  2. WWE Championship (Saturday)
  3. Universal Championship (Sunday)
  4. Raw Women’s Championship (Sunday)

(I expect the WWE Championship (Brock Lesner vs. Drew McIntyre) to be the main event Saturday and the Raw Championship (Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Bazzler) to be the main event Sunday.


Bonus Question 2: What will the total time of the Universal Championship be?

25:00 (I do not expect this match to last long because the two wrestlers likely did not get a lot of time to choreograph the match and Goldberg is 53 years old.)


FanDuel WrestleMania Picks

FanDuel has a normal DFS Contest for WrestleMania. You simply select 6 wrestler and stay under the $100 salary cap. It is VERY IMPORTANT to know how the wrestlers are scored so look at that before selecting your team. Here are my picks:


2X: Randy Orton $22 (I will pay the $22 for Orton and get double points for his match. This is a “Last Man Standing” match so you know foreign objects will be used, there will be a lot of pin fall attempts, Orton will use his signature move a lot and he should win the match. All of this adds up to Orton being the best pick in the contest)


Braun Strowman $19 (The WWE did not bring Golberg back to be a permanent member of the tour. They allowed Goldberg to win the title from The Fiend so he could lose it at WrestleMania. I am hoping must people overlook Strowman since he was not scheduled to be on the card.)


Charlotte Flair $17 (Charlotte Flair is the best pick from the women’s side of the card. She is not going to lose at WrestleMania to Rhea Ripley)


Daniel Bryan $17 (Daniel Bryan should have no problem with Sami Zayne. I know Zayne will have his friends there to help but Bryan will ask the empty seats to scream “YES” as he shuts up the loudmouth from Canada.)


The Undertaker $15 (The Undertaker should be undefeated at WrestleMania… but that is an argument for another day. He has one blemish on his WrestleMania record. He is not going to get another one from A.J. Styles.


Otis $10 (Otis is my favorite wrestler and for that reason, I have to have him in my lineup. His price is cheap and the WWE knows the fans at home will go nuts when they see the fat man get his revenge on Dolph Ziggler. I just hope Mandy Rose leaves the Performance Center with Otis.)


Good Luck!


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