NASCAR One & Done Picks for Daytona


The One & Done game is one of the most popular for friends and families to play. You simply select one driver for each race and you get points for where he finishes in the race. The catch is… Once you use a driver you cannot use him again for the rest of the season. Some people play games where you can use a driver more than once or their season ends at the beginning of the NASCAR playoffs. In this case I would use the driver in the “Pick a Driver Twice” category.

I mapped out each driver for their best tracks this season. This is the best way to prepare your picks for the One & Done game. There are 32 drivers from well funded teams and 36 races in the 2019 season. That leaves us 4 drivers short for the season. We can usually find replacement drivers that are half-way decent at the Superspeedway tracks. When these “ringers” are entered into the race, we need to use them since there are not enough drivers to fill the races.


Here are my picks for Daytona…

Pick Driver Once

Pick Driver Twice
Race Driver Result Race Driver



Jamie McMurray ? Daytona Jamie McMurray


My goal every year in the One & Done game is to have an average finishing position of 15th or better from my drivers. There are going to be races when our drivers are involved in a wreck. It is hard to avoid that for 36 races. I have found that your team will score well if they simply finish inside the top 15 each. Sounds easy right? Well, it is harder than you think.

My One & Done pick this week will be Jamie McMurray. He is driving the No. 40 car for Spiral Management. His car and engine was provided by Chip Ganassi Racing so it should be fast enough to run up front. This is the only race McMurray is scheduled to run so we need to get a start from McMurray while we can.


Good luck this week!


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