Fantasy NASCAR Preview #3: Kyle Busch






2017 RECAP: Kyle Busch got off to a slow start in 2017 but once he heated up he was one of the best drivers in the sport for your fantasy team. Busch won five races (Pocono, Bristol, Loudon, Dover and Martinsville) but it could have been a lot more. Busch had a lot of bad luck early in the season and it prevented him from winning races when he had the most dominant car in the field. Busch finished 22 of the 36 races in the top 10 and led 2,023 laps. He finished 2nd in the point standings and ranked 3rd in fantasy value. It was a good season for Busch but since he did not win the Championship, I am sure the team views the 2017 season as a disappointment.


2018 Preview: Kyle Busch could easily be the No. 1 driver in my Fantasy Rankings. The only thing keeping Busch out of the top two spots is inconsistency. Busch will finish most of the races in the top 10, win five or more races during the season and will lead over 2,000 laps in 2018. There will also be weeks when the No. 18 team beats themselves. Although this may only be two or three races in the season, it is the difference between being ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in the Fantasy Rankings.

There are no changes with the No. 18 team for the 2018 season. What you saw last year is what you can expect from them this year. Busch will once again be one of the best choices for your fantasy team at every type of race track.



Kyle Busch is one of the best picks in Fantasy Auto Racing at the Intermediate tracks (1.5-mile and 2-mile ovals). He ranked 4th in fantasy value at these tracks in 2017. Busch really has no weakness on the Intermediate tracks. He is a threat to qualify up front, lead the most laps and win the race in any of the 1.5-mile or 2-mile oval races. His best tracks are Homestead, Kansas, Kentucky and Texas.



Will this be the year Kyle Busch wins his first Daytona 500? It is the one race that is missing from his Hall of Fame resume. Busch has consistently run very well at the Superspeedways (Daytona and Talladega). His aggressive driving style often gets him into trouble at the end of the race. It is hard to justify spending up for him in DraftKings and Fantasy Live since there is so much value in the field. I also would not recommend using him in allocation games. Busch has too much value at the smaller ovals to have an allocation wasted at a race where he has little control over his fate in the race. Busch is a lot better in real NASCAR then he is in Fantasy NASCAR at the Superspeedways.



Kyle Busch is a Flat track (Phoenix, Richmond, Martinsville and Loudon) master. He ranked No. 1 in fantasy value at these tracks in 2017. He won races at Martinsville and Loudon and he finished six of the eight races in the top 10. Martinsville ranks as the No. 1 track on the circuit for Busch and Phoenix is his 2nd-best track. There is no driver in the field better at the Flat tracks then Busch. Make sure he is on your team in all eight of these races.



Kyle Busch was very good at the Steep tracks (Bristol, Dover and Darlington) in 2017. He won a race at Bristol and Dover and he finished second at Darlington. Busch should be at the top of your list when the Cup Series competes at the Monster Mile (Dover) and the Track Too Tough To Tame (Darlington). Although he won the race in Thunder Valley (Bristol) last year, the tracks ranks as his worst on the schedule.



Kyle Busch is one of the best drivers in the sport at the Road Courses (Sonoma and Watkins Glen). He has two wins at Sonoma and two wins at Watkins Glen on his resume. Busch is one of the most consistent drivers at these tracks. He has finished three consecutive races at Sonoma in the top seven. Busch has finished 11 of his last 12 races at Watkins Glen in the top 10. Busch should be on your team in the three races at the Road Courses in 2018.


Best Tracks to for Kyle Busch: 1) Martinsville, 2) Phoenix, 3) Homestead, 4) Kansas, 5) Loudon



*Stats from and career stats from Racing-Reference.Info


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